Friday, January 9, 2009

The Roomie Turns 26!!

My roommate Jessica's birthday is on New Years Day. How awesome is that?! Celebrate a new year, AND being a year older!! Well, she was going to be in Utah for it, so we decided to celebrate it early. I love to spoil people for their birthdays. With a group of friends back in Utah, we used to go to dinner and then make up a dance and perform it for the birthday girl/boy. Well, that group of friends aren't here with me in Denver, so I decided I would continue the tradition (kind of). Jessica had a hard time knowing where she wanted to eat, just wanted something that was unique to Denver. So we headed downtown to the 16th Street Mall and ate at the Rocky Mountain Diner. It was a pretty good. I chose to get a hamburger after a month of not eating them since the HUGE 20 ouncer I ate for the eating contest. It was also Rachel and Rebecca's birthday the day before (the cutest twins ever :) ) so we were actually celebrating 3 birthdays in one.
We also wanted to take her to a movie because she hadn't been to one in a while. She chose Seven Pounds. Typical Tawna, I cried. I have a problem of really getting into movies, TV shows, and books, thinking they are actually a part of my life and I really know the characters. I take a lot of things that they say and do to heart and see how it can apply to my life. I was extremely touched by a part in the movie where the blind character is playing the piano in the mall. And no one was paying attention to the beautiful music he was creating. Music is very special to me, especially the piano, so that saddened me. But even more than that, I had the thought that I don't want to live my life that way, to be so unaware of the people and things going on around me that are so beautiful and so uplifting. I want to always be aware of my surroundings and where I am placed.

Anyway, it was a fun Saturday with the girls out, celebrating her big day a bit early. Happy Birthday Jessica, you are an awesome roomie and I'm so glad you chose to move here with me. It definitely would not be the same experience without you, and I look forward to more adventures ahead!!
I found it hysterical that the door of the restaurant said, "Get in Here!"

The birthday girl loving her rootbeer float in a Coor's Light cup.

Sara and I at the restaurant. Rachel had gone to the bathroom so she wasn't in the pic.. She was recently engaged and I loved how her fiancee asked her to marry her. Precious!

Jessica, Rebecca and Hil at the restaurant. So cute!!

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Trina-La said...

That is a pretty massive door. How was One Tree Hill this week? I totally forgot about it until I went to bed at 10. I was pretty devastated at myself.