Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bolder Boulder

As I stated in my previous post, I set a goal when I first moved here to run the Bolder Boulder 10K, which is equal to 6.2 miles. I've been training for the past 4 and 1/2 months for it. What a day it was! Boulder is beautiful. We actually drove up to Boulder the Saturday before the race to check out the course and to see more of the city since we hadn't been there before. We walked outside the Pearl Street Mall. It was full of vendors, gearing up for the big race which would take place the following Monday, Memorial Day. We noticed a big crowd of people so we went over to investigate. A man was asking people what their zip code was. He could tell them the city and state they were from and some things about the city. He then was using a chain to make the outline of the United States. He asked people for their zip codes again, told them where they were from and had them stand in the spot that their state was located. He called on me, I told him 84337 (my home town in Utah). He said Utah and had me stand where Utah is located. He called on about 12 other people and did the same thing. This is the cool part..he memorized all of our zip codes, we each had only told him once. He pronounced Tremonton as Trehmenton, but pretty close! He's the zip code man, I was definitely impressed! We also ate at Pasta Jay's. It was ok, but it was definitely no Olive Garden (my fave).
Standing in the chain US where Utah is..

I thought this picture of me was hilarious, I'm acting all shy or something. The zip code man has his back to you, in the khaki pants, and light green shirt.

I was feeling good the morning of the race, not nervous at all, really excited to do it actually. It was so crazy driving into Boulder, SOO many people. And there was a continuous flow of runners, it never stopped. I was in the MM wave. It was the best race I have felt physically. I was touched by quite a few things as I ran. I passed a lot of people. It was amazing all the different ages and abilities that came out to run. I liked the fact that it wasn't a competitive thing, it was something to accomplish. One man I passed made me teary eyed. He was probably in his late 80's, he could barely walk but he was hobbling along. On the back of his shirt he had a bib that listed men he had served in the military with. I passed by several children (and also several children ran by me, man some were soo fast!) There was quite a bit of entertainment along the way as well: bands, belly dancers, cheerleaders, lots of people cheering, or just sitting outside their homes watching. At the end, you run into Folsom Field (the University of Colorado football field). That was the best part, thousands upon thousands of people watching you come in. I did pretty well. My goal was to run it in 75 minutes. I did it in 78. There were 3 hills. The first one, the hardest one, I ran up, but the last 2 I had to walk. The last mile was probably the hardest for me, I was beginning to feel tired of running. But I did it, and I felt so good after. We were given lots of free samples. We stayed to see the professional athlete teams come in. It was amazing, they had a video as they ran, and then when they came into the stadium, I had goosebumps. They ran it so fast, like 5-6 minute miles! They also did a military tribute with parachuters, the 21 gun salute, and a flyover. It was an incredible experience and an incredible day for me. I plan on running the Bolder Boulder 10K every year for as long as I can!

Since this was my goal and the longest race I have done thus far, I dedicated a mile to different people in my life. Since it was only 6 miles, I clumped people together. When I run the half marathon in August, I will dedicate a mile to an individual. The first mile was dedicated to my nieces and nephews. The second mile was dedicated to my parents. The third mile was dedicated to my brothers and sisters. The fourth mile was dedicated to all of my friends. The fifth mile I did do an individual person. I dedicated it to Jenna because she has been my example and role model in running and being so supportive of me through this race. The last 1.2 miles was dedicated to my Savior. I knew it would be the hardest mile for me, and I thought and pondered a lot about Him during that time. What a mile (and .2) that was!
Hilary, me, Ashlee, and Josh posing before the race. We all rode together and ran! I loved that they all came down to my height, Josh's face in this is my favorite!

Me approaching the first mile. I'm not a fan of this picture because my jacket was pulled up high. BUT..check out my awesome purple starred headband! I totally look like Rex Kwan Do from Napolean Dynamite! My roommates made fun of it (secretly jealous of it!) But it kept the bangs out of my way, and hey, it's awesome right?!

The stadium where we ran into. Look at all those people!!

Boulder's a lot closer to the mountains than Denver. It reminded me a lot of Utah!

Hil and I after the race. You can definitely see my headband a lot better here. Totally Rex Kwan Do, huh?

The 4 of us, post race. I love all the friends I have made out here that will help me accomplish my goals with me!

I asked to have a bib to put on my back that was in honor of someone that has been in the military. Of course I put my dad. I love you, dad! Thanks for all that you did to sacrifice for my freedom!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


When I first moved to Colorado, I was asking around for ideas of things I should put on my "Top Ten Things to Do in Colorado" list. I was told I definitely needed to take part in the Bolder Boulder 10K that is on Memorial Day every year. I had never heard of it, so I did some research. It is a HUGE race, about 50,000 people participate every year. Along the 6.2 mile course are 30 different entertainment groups, such as bands, belly dancers, etc. You get to run in Boulder and end in the University of Colorado Football stadium. How awesome is that?! So since January, I have been training to run this race. I found out about a 5K race that was taking place where I work, so I thought it would be a great thing to do with all my training! I recruited a few more people, and we were there! This took place on Saturday, May 16, so I've been training for over 4 months now. Well, the night before a bunch of us went to Maggiano's Little Italy (I'm a big fan of Italian food). If you haven't eaten there, they do this family deal where you can get all the food you want. So of course I gorged myself beyond what I should have the night before a run, and I woke up with unpleasant stomache consequences. I went to the port a potty at the race at least 4 times before the race even started. I was so mad at myself! Needless to say, it ended up being a really hard run for me when it should have been an easy one, it was pretty much flat the whole way, I knew the area really well since it's where I work, and there were over 800 other participants pushing me along. I made it through (barely), and learned a valuable lesson: It's good to eat carbs the night before a race, but don't go super crazy with the food or you'll regret it! I didn't make my goal time, but I'm glad I just was able to complete it with how torn up my stomache was. It was fun having friends run it with me. Thanks Becca, for running the whole way with me and putting up with my whininess and stomache issues! I definitely need to thank the band U2, they totally got me through the run with their song Magnificent. I had to keep hitting repeat on that song to keep me going!!

Group photo: Jason, Becca, Hil, Jessica and I. Man, sometimes I forget how short I really am until I see pictures of me. I have to run twice as much as the normal height human being :)

We are big fans of the Biggest Loser, and on this past season they ran a marathon, with their number being how many pounds they had lost. This is Hil, pointing out that she has lost 2, 331 pounds. Doesn't she look great? (And she was totally color coordinated, she is one stylish runner!)

My odd pose. The funny thing about this picture was that there was a random girl standing behind Hil as she took it, and she was totally laughing at me. Glad I can bring humor to someone else's life besides my own!

Jason is known to have a mean running face, I wouldn't want to get in his way as he's running!

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Past Few Weeks..

This post is going to be an update of a few things that have happened the past few weeks:

Jessica, Hilary, Rebecca and I attended a luau. I attempted to do the limbo. I made it to the 4th round, but my old back gave out on me. There was an actual pig there that had been roasted, I've never eaten pork straight from the pig like that, interesting!!

The umbrellas from the drinks fit the holes in our ears, we discovered. Weird and gross, we know, but cool at the same time!

I drove home to Utah the first weekend in May for Jenna's graduation and my niece Libby's birthday party. I was able to spend a few hours with my nieces and we spent the majority of it jumping on the trampoline. I love jumping on the trampoline! When I buy a home, that is going to be one of the first purchases I make.

Happy 5th birthday, Libby! I love you!

Jenna received her Ph.D. in Psychology and I was able to attend her graduation. She looked so beautiful and happy, and I was honored to be able to see that huge moment in her life. I love you Jenna Ann, and I'm so proud of you! I'm truly blessed to count you as one of my good, close friends. Here's to you, Dr. Glover!

I was also able to spend time with my cousin Liz the weekend I was in Utah. After Libby's party, my sisters Tabbi Katrina and I went, along with Liz had a girls' night with my sister in law BreAnne at their new house. It was so fun to spend that time with all of them, especially Liz. It's been a while, but we always have so much fun together, and laugh a lot!

This is how funny Liz is...we were playing Rock Band and this song came on, so she instantly did the Rocky moves. Cracked me up! I couldn't figure out how to change the angle, sorry you have to view it the wrong way!

Our ward had a bonfire at a girl's parents house. They live on a huge lake, it was so beautiful! We went a little early so that Sara, Jessica, Hil and Becca could do some fishing. I'm not too patient, so fishing is hard for me!

Hil and I at the bonfire. Yep, that's a book in my lap. I'm a read-a-holic. It's the teacher in me.

Becca and I. She is my new favorite person in Colorado. She is so fun!

I just think this picture is hilarious, I loved that my chair had a smiley face, but the best part of the picture is Jessica's face. Classic!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


A few of my favorite things about Chicago:

Eating at Ed Debevic's where the workers were super mean to you, but in a funny way. I couldn't help but laugh at all of them!
Eating Chicago style pizza! This restaurant was fun, you could write all over everything can kind of tell behind us (Look how cute Tonya is pregnant!)

This is what I wrote on the seat at the restaurant. I did it with a crayon. It says, "Tawna was here." You can't tell, but someone had written Fart Zone by it, thought that was kind of funny!

Enjoying the YUMMY pizza. The crust was so thick, I could have died and gone to heaven!

Outside the Shedd Aquarium. Chicago is beautiful with Lake Michigan and the tall buildings by the Lake. I couldn't get enough of the scenery and the buildings!!

A Spider Crab at the Shedd Aquarium. My favorite thing was the Sea Dragon but I couldn't get a good picture with my camera. There were lots of fun creatures at the Aquarium, including an anaconda snake, sharks, and lots of different types of frogs and fish. We loved looking at all the different facial expressions on the fish, so cute!

This is a fun little water area at Millennium Park. You can't tell, but water squirts out of the mouth of the person shown. There are actually 2 of them, and the faces change. It would be so fun to play there in the summer!

Love downtown Chicago!

The bean at Millennium Park. Isn't the reflection of the buildings awesome?!

Buckingham fountain. I guess it's on a lot of movies. So big and beautiful!

The waiters/waitresses at Ed Debevic's would dance every hour, it was hysterical. This is a clip. My waiter was the one with glasses.

I was able to do a session at the Chicago temple. It was so beautiful and peaceful and I was able to reflect on a lot. The temple is my favorite place in the whole world!

My good friend here in Colorado, Brett, is going to Chicago in a couple of weeks. So while I was there, I hid a dollar with a message on it so he would know it was from me. This picture is the spot I hid it in. Can you guess where I'm at?

I loved my time in Chicago and all that I got to see, especially spending time with Jared and Tonya. Thanks guys, for showing me a fun time in a fun city! Can't wait to go back to the Windy City (and Wrigley Field!!)