Saturday, April 25, 2009

One of the Best Days of My Life!

Last weekend, I was able to accomplish a dream of mine, something that has been on the top of my list of things to do before I die. Go to Wrigley Field and see the Chicago Cubs play! I flew to Chicago Thursday night, after a 3 hour delay (the plane was at the gate, they kept telling us the plane was having mechanical issues, scary! And I just want to add it was the scariest plane ride I have ever been on!!). I loved Chicago the instant I saw the city. I'm a huge fan of big cities, tall buildings, the hussle and bussle. It was so good to see Tonya, 8 months pregnant I must add, and she was looking so great and happy! She had to work Friday, so her husband Jared walked me to the red line, and I went to the game alone. I was kind of nervous about that, being in a big city and not knowing where I was going, but I'm glad I did that now. I was SOOO excited to see Wrigley Field from the "train", I walked around it for a while in a blur, surrounded by other Cub fanatics. I had my cubs hat, but I really wanted a Ryne Sandberg tshirt so I stopped at a shop outside Wrigley Field and got me one. I finally decided to go in, and I started to tear up the second I saw the field. I loved how Wrigley Field was set up, I was in the upper seats, but I was above home plate, and they actually were really good seats. I just sat there alone, literally crying tears of happiness. I felt like I was home, as weird as that sounds. I was enthralled during the whole game, I got so into it! Tonya finally made it 3rd inning. It was a game with tons of hits! We led until the St. Louis Cardinals hit a home run, and so we trailed until the 8th inning, when Alfonso Soriano hit a home run with 2 men on base, and we ended up beating the Cardinals 8-7. It was the best game to attend for the first time seeing the Cubs, in my opinion! It was a happy day for me, and truly one of the best experiences of my life up to this point. I can't wait to go back to Wrigley Field and see more of my Cubbies!

I experienced a lot more in Chicago, so my next post I will include all of those pictures!
Wetting the field before the game.

Love the old scoreboard! This game was sold out with more than 40,000 fans. You can't really see, but there were bleachers above all the buildings around Wrigley Field. Crazy! Also, it was really pretty with the tall buildings behind, and then to the right, Lake Michigan. A little piece of heaven if you ask me!
We walked down to the field after the game. I have a crappy camera, I couldn't get a good shot of me with Wrigley Field behind me from where I was sitting.
Right after the win, the Cubs and Cardinals lining up. Also, all of the fans in Wrigley Field sang a fun song about the Cubs. I want to learn it!!

A statue of Harry Caray outside Wrigley Field. I LOVED Harry Caray growing up. He announced the Cubs games. He passed away on my birthday in 1998. I wanted to get a picture with Harry but this was after the game and there was way too many people!

The famous Chicago Cubs sign. I was so nervous T was going to get ran over, she was in the street taking this pic..Love my hat, but not what it does when I take pics. with it on =)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter and AVs game

I've had a fun past few weeks, I was able to go to a Colorado Avalanche game and go home to Utah for Easter. I didn't take a lot of pictures at Easter, but I had a blast trying to get the Golden Egg in the annual family Easter Egg Hunt, watching Lord of the Rings with my nephews, playing at the park, spending quality time with my nieces and nephews (including a sleepover where I was the first to fall asleep, how sad is that, that a 27 year can't stay up longer than 4-9 year olds?!), and just being with my family!

Rick rocking out to the music at the AVs game..a little creepy!

Jessica and I at the AVs game

The Pepsi Center Ice Arena

Posing with my cute!

Watching Lord of the Rings with my nephews. We all love it!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fulfilling a Lifelong Dream

This week I am going to be able to check off something that is number one on my list of things to accomplish in my lifetime. I am going to a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field!! My good friend Tonya and her husband Jared moved to Chicago this past summer, so I took it as an opportunity for me to achieve my dream. I will be in Wrigley Field this Friday, and I'm not going to lie, a few tears may be shed.

This dream started for me as a young girl. I loved watching sports with my older brother Mick. He loved the Chicago Bulls, and the Chicago Cubs. We had the WGN channel, so the games would be on all the time. I loved watching the players play baseball at Wrigley Field, and ever since then have had the desire to see a real game there. I haven't watched the team as much the past few years of my life, but still have a deep love for them. My favorite player of all time, Ryne Sandberg, is no longer playing for the Cubs but I used to love watching him play second base, along with Mark Grace as first baseman, and Andre Dawson as an outfielder. I look forward to seeing the new players play, and maybe getting a new favorite or two. (Derek Lee? Or maybe Alfonso Soriano, who used to play for the Yankees, a team I was also forced to watch a lot with my good friend Meggan :) )

The first day of my teaching career, I took a poster of Wrigley Field, of which I have had hanging in my bedroom for a few years (I didn't bring it with me to Denver, didn't want it to get ruined). I explained to my students the importance of setting goals and having dreams. I shared mine of one day visiting Wrigley Field, and that I knew I would accomplish it. And now that dream is coming true.

I'll post pictures and will write about my experience there. I can't wait!! Cubbies, here I come!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Nuggets are No Jazz

I was able to get cheap Nuggets tickets through my work and invited a bunch of people to come with me. The cool part was that it included a free hot dog and drink with the game (and I'll say it, the hot dogs weren't too shabby!) Our seats weren't as bad as I thought they would be, and it was fun being back in the sports atmosphere. I'm a huge fan of most sports, and watching them. But I gotta say, the feeling in the Pepsi Center was a lot different tonight than the Jazz games back in Utah. I don't know if it was because of who they were playing or what, but I had a hard time keeping focused on the game. But it was fun to go and spend time with friends. I especially enjoyed the half time performance of Dodgeball, played by all of the mascots in Colorado sports. Laughed pretty hard over that one!

Next week we are going to an Avs game, something on my list of things to do in Denver that I can check off!
You can't see it, but this was a ticket for the free hot dog and drink. You can see, I get pretty excited about food, especially free food!

Hilary, Ashlee and I before the game. We got there pretty early, so that's why the seats weren't all full yet.

Outside the Pepsi Center. It was so cold today!!

Hil is the big 2-7!

I'm a fan of celebrating other people's birthdays. Hilary, my roomie that I like to refer to as my mom at times, turned 27 on March 28th. The problem was, she was going home that weekend for it, so we decided we would celebrate it the Thursday before. She had a unique place picked out, we were all ready to partay-but Denver decided to get a huge snow blizzard that day. I kid you not, all of Denver shut down, everyone shut themselves in at home. Don't get me wrong, we got snow, and it was super windy so it was white out conditions. But it didn't even compare to the amount of snow Utah would get for storms. Anyway, it turned out no one could come, and so we decided to just get take out from the Chili's by our apartment (the only thing open!) and watched movies. It turned out to be some fun roommate time.

Happy birthday Hil! I sure love you and am so glad you chose to move out here and live with us. Thanks for putting up with me, and being my support system when I need reassurance. No, you are not Katelynn. I'm glad you finally joined me in being old!!

Jessica and I made Hil some cheesecake while she slept.

This was funny. See those curtains? Hilary sleeps behind those. We put up these decorations, and blew up tons of balloons and threw them in there while she was asleep. I swear that girl can sleep through anything!!

Yep, we played Pin the Tail on the Donkey. I haven't played that game in years!

Enjoying our yummy take out from Chili's.