Sunday, April 22, 2012

30 Reasons Why I'm Proud To Be Me-#6

If my most basic needs are met, I am the happiest person to be around. I need to have sleep, food, and to not be cold in order to be happy. If any of these are lacking, than the bratty Tawna comes out. But how simple it is to fix that brattiness by feeding me, giving me time to sleep, or giving me a blanket. I guess in that way I am very childlike. So simple, yet so important! So next time you see me, if I'm not my usual chipper self, provide me with a blanket, a Jimmy Johns sandwich (and blue coconut diet coke), and a place to sleep and just like that, I will be back to normal! ;)

Monday, April 16, 2012

5 things I'm grateful for today

1. Diet coke. Got me through a long teaching day with very little sleep, as well as a presentation (which I ROCKED!) in my advanced comprehension class tonight
2. A good roommate-she brought me dinner while I worked on said presentation before class. She's so good to me!
3. Funny people-love it when people make me laugh, regardless of how tired and stress I am. It fixes it for the time being!
4. Technology-the ability to get so much accomplished and communicated so quickly!
5. Jack Bauer on 24. I watch him every morning as I get ready for the day, and most nights as I work on falling asleep. There have been many a night that I dream about him. He is so real to me, and I secretly want to write his name in to vote for him as President! I wonder if anyone else has done that...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Don't Want To..

Do you ever have those moments when you just really, really, really don't want to do certain things but you know you have to just do them? You hold it off until the last possible second and then just force yourself to? Tonight I'm feeling that way...about homework, about doing more laundry, and most of all, cleaning my pet fish, Eatee's, bowl. I dread doing this more than I dread just about anything else in my life. It's up there with ironing and sewing, two of the worst things that were ever invented. I love my fish with all my heart, that girl is a survivor. She's been through a lot in her long year and a half fish life. A few moves, me almost having her go down the disposal (TRAUMATIZED ME!) and so on. But she has continued to fight through it all so she can make me happy. I love feeding her and talking to her in the morning as I make my breakfast, when I get home from work/school, and right before I go to bed. Just ask my roommates, I even talk baby to her and have several nicknames. Pretty much she means a lot to me! So my dread of cleaning her bowl is my deep fear that I will kill her because I can't imagine not having her in my daily life! Wish me luck that I can make it through another fish bowl cleaning....

Eatee girl looks so little here! This was taken just right after I got her.
I swear she has tripled in size!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

30 Reasons Why I'm Proud To Be Me-#5

I have a contagious laugh that makes others happy! I love when I notice it out of the corner of my eye..something will make me laugh hard, and people around me will instantly smile or start laughing because of my laugh. So grateful I have that gift! There are quite a few people in my extended family who had laughs like that and I like to think I inherited that from them. So grateful for my heritage!!