Friday, August 17, 2012

In a quick nutshell..

The last several weeks have been a blur as my summer has been wrapping up.  Celebrating Bryce's birthday 3 weekends in a row with Neal Diamond, dinners and a comedy club, and a weekend trip to Jackson Hole last weekend.  Since then, I have lived and breathed school, getting my classroom ready.  I love this time of year where I prepare for another year of teaching, ready for new changes, new students, and am always wanting to change things around in my classroom.  This year is no exception-I rearranged my whole room, causing me to have to organize and dejunk quite a bit, which is a good thing but has kept me extremely busy!  I'm LOVING how my room is turning out, though!   Here are a few pictures taken from this past week.  I didn't take a picture of my small group area or tables yet, they aren't ready!

My math manipulatives, organized and labeled for my students to use!
My whole group area/SMART board
My new reference "wall"
One view of my classroom library.  Love my new red rug from IKEA, bean bag chairs and pillows!
Another view of my classroom library.  Notice the cute tissue pom-poms.  Two of Bryce's nieces came and helped me in my classroom and helped me make these.  Darling huh?!
The two things that get me through most things in life:  Chili's chips and salsa, and Sonic's blue coconut diet coke!