Wednesday, May 20, 2009


When I first moved to Colorado, I was asking around for ideas of things I should put on my "Top Ten Things to Do in Colorado" list. I was told I definitely needed to take part in the Bolder Boulder 10K that is on Memorial Day every year. I had never heard of it, so I did some research. It is a HUGE race, about 50,000 people participate every year. Along the 6.2 mile course are 30 different entertainment groups, such as bands, belly dancers, etc. You get to run in Boulder and end in the University of Colorado Football stadium. How awesome is that?! So since January, I have been training to run this race. I found out about a 5K race that was taking place where I work, so I thought it would be a great thing to do with all my training! I recruited a few more people, and we were there! This took place on Saturday, May 16, so I've been training for over 4 months now. Well, the night before a bunch of us went to Maggiano's Little Italy (I'm a big fan of Italian food). If you haven't eaten there, they do this family deal where you can get all the food you want. So of course I gorged myself beyond what I should have the night before a run, and I woke up with unpleasant stomache consequences. I went to the port a potty at the race at least 4 times before the race even started. I was so mad at myself! Needless to say, it ended up being a really hard run for me when it should have been an easy one, it was pretty much flat the whole way, I knew the area really well since it's where I work, and there were over 800 other participants pushing me along. I made it through (barely), and learned a valuable lesson: It's good to eat carbs the night before a race, but don't go super crazy with the food or you'll regret it! I didn't make my goal time, but I'm glad I just was able to complete it with how torn up my stomache was. It was fun having friends run it with me. Thanks Becca, for running the whole way with me and putting up with my whininess and stomache issues! I definitely need to thank the band U2, they totally got me through the run with their song Magnificent. I had to keep hitting repeat on that song to keep me going!!

Group photo: Jason, Becca, Hil, Jessica and I. Man, sometimes I forget how short I really am until I see pictures of me. I have to run twice as much as the normal height human being :)

We are big fans of the Biggest Loser, and on this past season they ran a marathon, with their number being how many pounds they had lost. This is Hil, pointing out that she has lost 2, 331 pounds. Doesn't she look great? (And she was totally color coordinated, she is one stylish runner!)

My odd pose. The funny thing about this picture was that there was a random girl standing behind Hil as she took it, and she was totally laughing at me. Glad I can bring humor to someone else's life besides my own!

Jason is known to have a mean running face, I wouldn't want to get in his way as he's running!


Salmon Tolman Family said...

You go girl! Strut your stuff!
Congrats on finishing!!!

Jen said...

Love the pictures. Cute post. I'm so proud of you! Keep it up. You are a goal setter, achiever and a finisher. I admire and seek out that in people. Great work!!!

Brooke said...

Good for you! And Magnificent is my favorite song on that album. so know that I approve of your U2 selection! Love you! When you're here in June we have to go to Lunch or something! Connie McDougal and Marva miss you!

Kim said...

So awesome! I can't believe how much I love running now. It is such a high! Keep up the good work.