Monday, December 29, 2008

A Blast From the Past

This is going to be a short blog. I'll update all of Christmas later. But one big highlight from my trip home was the chance I had to see old friends, some of which I haven't seen in years. I feel like I have always been blessed with good, true friends. I can't think of a time in my life where I wasn't surrounded by them! When I was in 8th grade on, I had a big group of friends, there was 17 of us. And I could say that I had I 17 best friends at that time. Some of them I had known since elementary school, and some just joined our group that year. Those were some of the funnest times I have had. There was a party every week, usually a sleepover. Lots of good memories. Anyway, my friend Kim and I decided we wanted to plan a reunion at Christmas time when most of us would be back in Utah. There were 9 that came, due to bad weather, and other holiday arrangements, the other ones couldn't join us. It was so fun to catch up with everyone and see where they are at in life now. All but 2 of us are married (me being one of the 2 single :) ), and all but 3 of us have at least one child, or one on the way. Some have 3! It's crazy to see where we have all ended up. But I'm truly grateful for this group of friends that I had and what they each taught me at that crucial time in my life. I went home after that night, feeling so blessed for friends. I'm very grateful for all the friendships I have been able to be a part of, and look forward to new friends that I will continue to meet along the way.


Kristin said...

The get together was a also a highlight for me. It definitely made this Christmas more memorable. Looking at that picture just reminds me of the care free days and I also feel blessed to have had all of you as my closest friends.

Kim said...

Well said. I completely agree, we had 17 best friends. My mom always asked when we had sleepovers if we could only invite a few and there was no way!!!! You couldn't only pick a few, because it just wouldn't be right without everyone there. Love ya girly, thanks for helping me put that together. I had a blast.