Thursday, December 11, 2008

People love to tag me...

My dear friend Stephanie, here in Colorado, decided to tag me for her first tag ever, so of course I have to do it! Love your face, Stephanie!!

Five Shows I love to Watch:

Gilmore Girls

One Tree Hill

Grey's Anatomy

The Biggest Loser

Arthur (I watch it in the morning when I get ready..either that or the morning news)

Five Favorite Restaurants:

Olive Garden


Red Robin (for the fries and campfire sauce)

Bluebird in Logan, UT (for the Bluebird Chicken)

Taco Time in Tremonton, UT (It really is the best, I'll take you there sometime if you haven't been there :) )

Five Things That Happened Yesterday:
I went Christmas shopping-alone! It can be scary when I shop alone because I can talk myself into buying almost anything...

I got a chip and dip plate set at my work Christmas luncheon. I had the cutest scarf but we were playing the trade in game and someone decided they wanted it so they stole it from me! Not fair!

I got to talk to a friend that I haven't talked to for a while-Miss you, Curtis (Bob).

I read more out of the Secret Life of Bees..I absolutely LOVE to read and lose myself in the's so comforting to me for some reason.

I went to bed early! The best thing ever that I've done for myself in a while.

Five Things I Love About Winter:

Dressing up for the weather (ie: Cute sweaters and coats)

Christmas music

Christmas movies

My birthday

Spending the holidays with my family

Five Things On My Wish List:

A new iPod

Taking a trip to Maine

Seeing my cubbies play in Wrigley Field

That everyone could love and accept each other just the way they are

Owning my own house

Five Things I Look Forward To:

Spending time with my family over Christmas

playing with my nieces and nephews-the times I feel the most joy are with them!

Having my car paid off next month! Yay!!

Visiting friends in far off places...

Getting my butt in shape to run the Boulder Bolder

Five People I Tag:
Anyone that wants to do it..Kelsy, you are great at tags!

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Stephdeezy said...

Aww I love your face Tawna! Speaking of faces...I miss yours.