Thursday, December 11, 2008

Before, During, and After Work Joys

I've been pondering lately some things that I get to experience on a daily basis on my way to work, during work, and on my way home from work. So I thought I would share a few with you!

Before Work:
  • I love in the mornings while I get ready, having that time to myself. I really enjoy getting ready in front of the TV. I prop my big mirror next to the TV and watch a good episode of Arthur, or the news while doing my hair and make up.
  • Traffic can get pretty bad in the morning, so I have to leave about 45 minutes before work to get there on time. But I actually don't mind the drive there, driving anywhere from 10-45 MPH (Speed Limit is 45-65, depending on what road I am on :) ). I enjoyed this when I taught in Tremonton but lived in Logan..I loved having that time to get myself mentally ready for the day, listening to music, and just again taking that time for myself.
  • The parking garage at work is about a 10 minute walk to my building. I see the same people every morning, and there's one person in particular that I look forward to seeing. The University campus is huge and spread out, so they have drivers that drive golf carts around that people can choose to ride to where they need to go. One driver is my fave. I see him every morning. We always wave to each other. One of these days I want to ride with him just to talk to him. It's weird how a complete stranger can be so fascinating. I don't even know him, and I feel like he is one of the nicest people ever.
During Work:
  • A guy that I work with says the funniest things every day! The funny part about it is that he doesn't even know that it's funny. I laugh at him all day, he cracks me up!!
  • If you know me, I used to have a HUGE fear of elevators. I still do, but I've come SO far in it. I used to never ride them unless it was like 50 floors up (like my hotel room in the New Yorker). My work is on the 4th floor so I try to take the stairs as much as I can. But a lot of times I'm delivering things, or in a hurry so I have to take the elevator. I love these elevators because they talk to you (Going up, going down) with the best accent. Also, I've talked to a lot of interesting people in the elevators. Great way to meet people, I tell you what!
  • Doing some challenging projects, feeling like I'm being of use, and needed and that I'm accomplishing something. And I love my interactions with the doctors.
  • I've had to deliver a lot of things, or pick up things for doctors and I always get to converse with a wide variety of people. Not that Utah isn't diverse, but it's diverse here!
  • I get to see the place I was born everyday, and usually go inside once a week. I love that. It makes me feel right at home there. My dad told me I was born on the 3rd floor, so one of these days I would like to go explore that floor. :) Just for kicks and giggles.
After Work:
  • I have decided that Colorado has the prettiest sunsets I have seen. I don't know if it's the cool cloud formations, or having the mountains in the far away distance or what, but they are so beautiful. And the cool part is that I leave work and drive home at the perfect time and get to see it everyday. It's one of my favorite parts of the day. Each day it's so different, I just want to take pictures of it and post it! Maybe I'll try and do it with my phone..I'll experiment :)
  • Again, traffic is really bad on the drive home. Sometimes when I'm in a hurry to get somewhere it can be frustrating, but most days I don't mind it because it helps me to wind down from the day and reflect on it, and have that me time again. I love to play music really loud and jam to it, people in cars around me probably point and laugh, but I love it. Especially this time of year to Christmas music. Nothing better!
  • Today I was walking to the parking garage and started randomly chatting with a lady who was also walking that way. We have never talked before but we had the best conversation in the short 7 minutes! It made me excited to talk to her again..I love the interactions I have had here with strangers, be it a minute or 10 minutes. There is some amazing people in this world.
  • Again, talking about traffic...but it's cool because everyday that I drive home and I'm merging on to the highway, a space is always open for me to just merge right on in. It's so cool! I know that sounds lame, but it's a little joy for me.
So there's a few things I enjoy during my working days here. Simple but true joys in my adventure!


Kim said...

You are so positive! You can even find positive in traffic. That is the # 1 reason we moved out of the city. It took 15 min to drive 2 miles in the city, it take 15 min to drive 15 miles out here in the sticks. (Given that there isn't an inch of ice permanently on the roads)

Trina-La said...

How is One Tree Hill coming along? Is the season over yet? Is everyone still alive, or have they killed more people off? Remember those days we would stay up until 3 in the morning to watch it? Grand times.

Evelyn said...

I seriously love your attitude. I complain about the commute on the way to work, and HOME, every day. But I want to re-think it now. Oh, Tawna, you're my hero.