Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I smell Jimmy John's!

One of my favorite things about Colorado is all the food choices, one in particular called Jimmy John's. They have the BEST sandwiches I have ever tasted! I was immediately hooked the first time I went. The problem is, it's right by my work, and everyone I work with are Jimmy John's lovers. So it's a weekly ordeal to go. I had made a goal this week to not eat out at work, to take lunch everyday. I'm usually pretty good at this anyway, but wanted to go a week without Jimmy John's. Well, the past two days I have struggled because I kid you not, I could literally smell a Jimmy John's sandwich. I smelled it at work, I smelled at my apartment, and I smelled all day again today. I finally couldn't concentrate on anything else, so I caved and got my Turkey Tom sandwich and the BEST bbq chips. I told my roommate Hil where I ate for lunch today, and when she got home, she wanted to go. We have one by our house that just opened...not good for my budget!! I rode along with her, and this one even has a drive through! I have a punch card that when you buy 10 sandwiches, you get one free, so I told Hil to get it punched. The girl came back and said, "We don't take this card, but we'll give you free bread!" She gave me a huge loaf of bread for free. Loved it! If you come to visit me, or are near a Jimmy John's, don't pass it up!!


Kelsy and Brad said...

we have jimmy johns here too and the turkey tom is my fave too!!!!!!

The Oylers said...

I'll be honest, we had a Jimmy Johns in Morgantown, West Virginia and I just thought it was ok. The bread was so crunchy it hurt the roof of my mouth. So, it looks like Sarah M, the Cubs and Jimmy J's are all hanging out in a category call "Things Tawna likes, but really aren't that good." Ha ha. Have a great Friday!

amanda lynn said...

I totally agree with you I love that place my coworkers introduced it to me and fell in love with it. My favorite is the California beach something like that with avocados on it. Good pick!