Monday, August 18, 2008

Tagged by Kelsy Schneiter Hickenlooper

I've been tagged again! This one is a different one though. Seems fun, so I'm going to try it! (Thanks Kelsy)
The directions were, type your answer to the question into Google images and pick a picture from the first page of responses to post. Here goes:
1. What's your first name? I go by Tawna, but my full name is Quintana, so I did both!
Tawna-I laughed SO hard when this came up!
Quintana...I want to go there!

2. What age will I be on my next birthday? 27...the age my mom was when she got married and used to think that was so old when I was little...oh my gosh! I just realized that today is my half-birthday. In exactly 6 months, I will be 27!

3. What high school did I attend? Bear River High School
-perfect picture for me!

4.What's my favorite food? Tough, I love so much food. Probably my mom's lasagna.

5. What's my favorite color? Purple

Who is my celebrity crush? Another tough one. I love Josh Hartnett though, and my girl crush is Sarah McLachlan. I would love to write music like she does and sing, play the guitar like her. Amazing!

7. What's my favorite drink? Water and diet coke. Water is definitely healthier!
-cool picture huh?!

8. What's my dream vacation? another tough one...Maine in the fall! Also, go to Chicago and see the Cubs play in Wrigley Field in awesome seats!
-I want to drive down this road in Maine!!

9.What's my favorite dessert? pie, especially strawberry!

10. What do I want to be when I grow up? The best mom ever!

11. What do I love most in my life? my nieces and nephews

12. One word to describe me? lovable :)

13. What's my favorite thing? music, the piano

14. Where is my favorite place? the celestial room in the temple

15. What's the name of my pet? Well, I don't have a current pet, but we used to have a huge dog named Beau that I loved so much.

16. What is my favorite flower? Daisies!!!

I tag: Kala, Brooke, and Katrina! Have fun!


The Oylers said...

Sarah McLachlan....barf

Kelsy and Brad said...

you love daisies too?!?!?! see, i knew we were meant to be friends! thanks for doing the tag!