Saturday, August 9, 2008

Colorado or Bust!

I'm an official resident of Colorado now! I'm not going to lie, the first night here was really difficult for me. Brady helped me move in, Kristy made me dinner, and walking "home" after (they live in the building across from me, crazy huh?!), I realized that I was walking to the place where I was living, and I was there alone, and I had a little breakdown. For a few moments I had some thoughts of, "Tawna, you're stupid, why did you leave a job that you love to come to a place where you don't have a job, that you don't know anyone?" So the first night was rough...and the next day as well. But the past few haven't been too bad. I've just been doing a ton of searching for jobs, finding my church building, Wal-mart, the grocery store, and I even went to a movie today! I had to get out of my apartment, I had cooped myself in for too long. So that's my Colorado update. My apartment is so bare, it's sad!!! It looks like I am so poor. Oh wait, I am, I don't have a job! Ha! Here are some pics. of my place. Jessica, my friend from Logan, will be moving here Tuesday so that will be nice to have her here! I will write again soon and tell all about my trip to California. If you get bored, feel free to call me! I would love to hear from you!

My sad, sad bedroom-I've had the twin mattress that Brady and Kristy lent me in the living room. That's where the TV is, and I like that it's more open in there. I don't feel as alone in the living room as I do in the bedroom. Weird, I know!

My bathroom-love the new shower curtain I purchased but I bought the cheap shower rings and they don't like to stay up when I slide the curtain, so it's annoying to have to fix them. When I get a job and have more money, I'll buy better ones..unless you would like to donate a few bucks to the Tawna Perkins Needs New Shower Rings Fund! ;)

My kitchen. Love the pantry, and having tons of counter space, and the built-in microwave. I was bummed about the fridge, I thought I was going to get a side-by-side fridge. Oh well!

Living Room-fun to have a fireplace! You can't see it, but there's also a bookshelf in a corner that holds my DVD's perfectly! The whole apartment also has brand new carpet so that's nice. I did buy a little table to put my old TV on, and I finally got the cheap basic cable and internet!

My favorite, the walk-in closet. There is two, so Jessica and I both get our own. This is the biggest closet I've ever had. I enjoy having a lot of space to hold all my clothes and shoes.

There is also a dining room, but it's empty so I decided not to take a picture of it. If you want to come visit me, I would sure love it! Let me know!


Salmon Tolman Fam said...

Okay, you DO look poor! But you have to start somewhere! In a few years, you'll be so overloaded with crap, you'll wish you could just go back to the basics of living like you are now. Well, probably not that destitute... Anyways, I need your address. And also I was looking through my twin clothes, and I do have some from birth to 6 months that I thought I could just mail to you and you could give them to Brady and Kristy for me. I have thought about calling you a few times. I've been wondering how you are! It's nice to see your apartment, though, so thanks for sharing the photos. Will you take a picture of the outside of the building too? TTYL! Love you lots, and I'm SOOO proud of you!

Jen said...

Looks like a cute place! Hope the job search goes well. Take care of your self. We love you and miss you.

Jackie said...

What a fun adventure! I love your apartment. We've been packing all day & now I'm starting to get nervous about our I know exactly how you feel. It's always hard to adjust to a new place...but your so love-able that I'm sure by tomorrow you'll have friends bangin' on your door. Stick in there. I'll be prayin' for ya'!

Kim said...

Cute place, what a fun new adventure. I have had to set my blog to private so email me your info so I can add you to my list.

Brooke said...

Scary but exciting! You're going to do great Tawn and I'm sure everything will work out for you! Good luck with the job search.