Thursday, May 31, 2012


Today has been an emotional day for me.  Not emotional in the sense of tears, but it's hard for me to explain how I have felt.  It was the last day of the school year with an amazing group of kids that I will miss dearly!  When you spend so much time with little people, working so hard together to achieve goals and seeing them accomplish those goals, you come to love them in a way that is so different from other people in your life.  And then after spending 180 school days together, for 6 plus hours each day, you have to say goodbye to those special little friends who bring you so much joy in seeing their growth?  It pulls my heart out a little bit.  I spend more time with my first graders than anyone else in my life and it's like they become my 21 little best friends for the year.  I'm excited for the summer, I'm excited for them to go on and learn more with new teachers but it's always hard for me to change things.

This year seems more different in terms of being more emotional for me than usual, and after talking to a very good friend about it, it's probably a reflection of where I'm at in my life right now in terms of not having many friends left in Logan that I spend time with consistently.  Many people in my life have moved on.  Don't get me wrong, I love that they have and I love seeing my friends get married, having children, etc. etc. But at times I feel that I'm still at the same place I was, and I have really thrown myself into my job.  So having my little first graders move on too? Oh man!  My emotions are all over the place.  Is this even making sense?!

Anyway, here's to having a wonderful year, here's to having an awesome summer of learning and growth for myself, and hope for my new group of first graders in the fall!!


Jackie said...

You are amazing Tawna! My son was in 1st grade this past year, & I never felt that his teacher loved him the way that you do your students. They were so lucky to have you. You should move to Saratoga Springs, be my neighbor & teach my kids. What do ya' say? :)

p.s. You totally made sense & I'm sorry that you are having a difficult time right now. Love ya!

Angela said...


Naomi was one of those lucky first graders that got to have you last year. I'm so GRATEFUL that she had you. Out of all the teachers my children have had, you are the one that has really touched me and that I tell other moms about. Don't get me wrong, my kids have had really good teachers. I just wanted to let you know how very blessed I feel that Naomi was lucky enough to get you and to have you influence her so much!