Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Almost Ready...

I want to share my list of 30 things to accomplish before turning 31, but I'm still trying to tweak a few ideas on the list. It's coming soon! However, one item on the list I want to start writing about on my blog. It's kind of personal, but this is a way for me to record my thoughts and to remember them! One thing on my list is to think of 30 reasons why I am proud of the last 30 years of my life. So I will be blogging about this randomly throughout the next year. Some posts will be more personal than others, but life is about opening up and sharing, so why not?!

As I was driving home tonight, the thought hit me that I am so incredibly grateful that I have such a diverse group of people in my life. I have people that are close to me that come from all walks of life. You name it, I can probably identify someone I know that comes from a particular culture, label or group. I seriously love that. This diversity among my most favorite people makes me a better person. I am constantly growing and learning from others. I love that I have such a wide difference of friends and family, that for any particular question or challenge that I am facing or have, I can choose with whom I trust about that specific thing. So for example, I can go to some people for some things, but others for different things. Isn't that amazing how different we all are, and yet what we experience and who we are is so beneficial to those around us?! I love that I am so open to having such different and amazing people be close to me. I think that says a lot about who I am as a person and that's definitely something I am proud of. I welcome all types of people into my life. I don't close off or judge someone just because they are are a particular label or come from a certain group. I don't want to put particular labels here and I don't need to. I just love and adore those in my life who are positive, who help me to grow, and teach me so much from the way they choose to live their life!

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Ellen said...

Excited to read followup posts about your goals/accomplishments. And I hope that I also bring diversity even though I feel pretty bland in terms of culture and experience as your friend, but know I'm here for you. Love you so much! Thanks for always being there for ME. :)