Monday, November 30, 2009

My Short but Fun Weekend in Denver

My good friend Meggan came with me to Denver for the weekend. I was able to have lunch with my former coworkers, see lots of my favorite Colorado people, eat some yummy food, and do a little bit of sight seeing. We went to Boulder for a few hours, a place where Meggan, Jessica, and Becca had never been. We also spent some time at the Columbine Memorial. As weird as this sounds, I find that place to be so peaceful and I love to visit it! It was a short but fun weekend, spending time with the funnest people I know! Thanks Hil, Sara, Jessica, and Michelle for letting us stay with you and spending time with me. I sure love you girls!

We loved this candy shop on Pearl Street Mall in Boulder. They had everything!!
Megg loves her nut rolls!

They even had awesome sunglasses in the candy shop...Jessica looks stunning, don't you think?!

I have funny friends in Colorado. We ate at Mexican Restaurant, and didn't have the best service. We were short a straw, So Jessica and Becca split a straw in half and used the short little straw until our waitress FINALLY came back and brought us another one. Loved it! You can see here Becca comparing the two straws..

Self-portrait, with some yummy candy in my mouth from the yummy candy shop in Boulder. I love to eat!

I'm "in" Boulder. Get it? Huh, huh? I love that city. Can't wait to run the Bolder Boulder 10K again in May!!

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Meggan said...

I want the picture of me and teh nut roll to be my profile pic on facebook! LOL It was a blast