Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Grand Adventures Thus Far, Being Back in Utah

Believe it or not, there are fun things you can do outside of Colorado (I know, right?) My first weekend back, my close friend Meggan and I headed down to Southern Utah for a weekend of hiking in Zion National Park. We went with her extended family on the Orderville Canyon hike. It was 12 miles of pure joy for me, literally! It was my most favorite hike that I've been on yet in my life. So much fun! I was a fan of the obstacles-repelling, jumping off small cliffs/waterfalls, climbing all over the males to get down some steep parts. Man, it was fun! I hurt my knee somehow so the last 3 miles of hiking through the Narrows-water and rocks, was pretty hard for me. Because of that, my knee has been giving me grief while running..but side note, I ran 9.45 miles yesterday, and took lots of ibuprofen and my knee made it through! Meggan and I ended up staying one more day in our hotel room, we both were so sore and tired. I'm a big fan of lazy days in hotel rooms! Good times in Southern Utah, my friends!

My family and I went to Yellowstone last weekend for the Annual Perkins' get together. I didn't take any pictures really because everyone else in my family was! So I will steal some from them and post them for next time. My camera was mainly used by my niece Aspen, which included the video of my nephew Kanyon that is included in this post. I have the best nieces and nephews ever! They made that trip so much fun for me! I was able to drive back with the girls, so below are some pictures on the drive home.

I've mainly just been getting my classroom setup (pictures to come of that) and running as much as I can! My half marathon is this Saturday, and then school starts a week from tomorrow so this week will also be super crazy. Mix that in with the Tremonton Fair and Rodeo though, and it makes it a great week!

I have a goal to get a new camera hopefully by Christmas, and I PROMISE I will take more pictures of exciting things once that precious camera is in my hands. So be excited for more great posts to come!


Jackie said...

You are awesome! I can't even run a block, & I'm not exaggerating. Way to go you!

I think we are going to be coming up for the fair. That would be so fun to run into you, it's been way too long!

Salmon Tolman Family said...

You didn't even mention your Lava trip!!! (Maybe that will be a whole nother post?!)
Oh, I had no idea that's what Aspen was doing when she kept calling Kanyon while we were waiting for Old Faithful. It was fun to watch, except for the last 4 seconds of it (for obvious reasons).
I'm glad to hear you're still running, even through the pain!!!

Jen said...

That is a great video Tawna. Kala you crack me up!

Dallon said...

Wow Tawna, I've never ran that far before! Running is yucky unless your chasing a soccer ball. Might I recommend a waterproof camera, then you can hold it and jump off the waterfalls!