Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Colorado Job

My last day of work, I took some pictures of my office, and my building on the University of Colorado Denver Medical Campus in Aurora, CO. I worked in the department of OB/GYN as an assistant to the doctors. I didn't work on the clinical side, I worked on the academic side, helping with whatever they needed: transcribing, booking travel arrangements, putting together Power Points, entering data, etc. One of my main responsibilities was to help one of the doctors with a course she ran called the Life Cycle course. I updated the calendar, put together all the handouts and slides that the lecturers would give, edited the tests and a lot of other fun stuff. I truly enjoyed my job, the doctors I worked for, and the people I worked with. I couldn't have asked for a better work experience while I was in Colorado and truly feel that I was meant to work there. It was fun to try a different job for a year, but it helped me to realize how much I missed teaching and the desire I had to go back to it. I am going to miss working on such a beautiful campus (which also happens to be the place I was born), I will miss my coworkers, and I will miss certain aspects of the job. I gained a lot from working there and I am very grateful for the experiences, training, and learning that I received!

It's kind of a blurry picture, but this was the cubicle area I worked in :) I loved having my own little space. Next to me was Bethany, the medical student coordinator, and across from me was Melissa, the head Administrative Assistant in the generalist section of OB/GYN (We also had a Maternal/Fetal section, Gynecologic Oncology section, and a Reproductive/Infertility section. I worked in the generalist section as well).

This is the building I worked in. The campus is all pretty new, except for Building 500 (the old Fitsimon's Army Medical Hospital that I was born in). They knocked down a lot of the old army buildings to put in a lot of new ones. The University of Colorado Hospital is across the street from my building. 3 tall Research buildings surrounded my building-it's a HUGE, beautiful campus! I enjoyed going on walks around campus.

There is a lot of art around the campus, and these 3 doors were in a field by my building. They remind me of Alice in Wonderland! Definitely my favorite art to see on campus. The building across the street from the doors is the outpatient building, or where the clinics are. I was a frequent visitor to that building as well, delivering things to the doctors. :)

This is a picture of Building 500, the hospital I was born in. It is central on the campus and has been turned into offices. I loved going into this building!


Salmon Tolman Family said...

It was nice to see and hear about your work in Colorado! Very interesting!

Jen said...

Loved seeing the pics. Thanks for sharing!

Ellen said...

I'm sure they'll miss you there, what a beautiful place to work too!