Saturday, September 17, 2011


Day 3 on the cruise was our first excursion day! We boarded in Juneau, Alaska, around noon and we had 9 hours at the port. We bought an excursion to the all you can eat Salmon Bake. We took a bus to get to it, and the driver took us around Juneau, pointing out things about the city. It was a beautiful, but cold, rainy day. There are so many trees in Alaska! The Salmon Bake was yummy. My faves were the glaze on the salmon-I could have drank it by the bucket full, and the corn bread. Yummy!! After we stuffed ourselves silly with salmon, we went on a walk up the trail, and found a gorgeous little waterfall, with fish everywhere in the water! Beautiful beyond words...

After the salmon bake, we decided to take the tram up the mountain in Juneau, where there were shops, hiking trails, a local family playing in a band, and a bald eagle that I fell in love with. Bryce and I went on a little hike-I didn't wear the right shoes for a wet rainy day, so we didn't go far, but oh man, the further we hiked, the more beautiful the scenery got! That night, we ate in Juneau, did a little bit of shopping and then got back on the ship. Such a fun day in Juneau!

View from the tram ride up the mountain, that is our cruise ship! Notice how foggy it cold!

The port of Juneau

The tram we took. Loved it!

Noticed this on our hike. Bryce knew what it was, he knows his flowers!

Loving the hike!

Look at that beautiful waterfall! PS, I love how Bryce is holding the umbrella, it makes it look like it's an old man cane!

Seriously, breathtaking. I wanted to stay here all day!

I couldn't get enough of this bald eagle. It was so cool to see one up close!

Some of the nature we saw on our hike. You can't tell how hard it was raining here, but it was a downpour!

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