Monday, November 17, 2008

Don't tell my dad or brother Mick

I had a fun Saturday because I FINALLY got to watch a football game live. I love watching it on TV but it's different in person. I love watching football, it doesn't matter who is playing. I love the excitement in the air, I love watching the players complete plays (and secretly I love watching the football players in general), and how riled up fans can be. I can become very involved and passionate when it is a team that I love. It's my favorite thing to do on a Fall Saturday, attend or watch a football game. A few of us decided we wanted to go to the Air Force vs. BYU football game in Colorado Springs. Now, this is the dilemma. I grew up kind of despising BYU. My dad very much dislikes anything related to BYU, as well as my brother, so I kind of just adapted that same feeling. I am an Aggie, always have, always will be, and I'm very proud of that. I loved attending the Aggie vs. Cougar games, even though we would lose because I felt so much pride for my team. Hate is a very strong word, and I don't hate anyone or anything in my life (ok, maybe a few things, but that's just for me to know), so I won't go that far. But I have never cheered for BYU. In fact, when U of U played BYU, I wanted the Utes to win, another team I kind of despise!
This is where that changes a bit. My very dear friend, Jenna Glover, is a HUGE BYU football fan (She's also a huge fan of blogs, fyi). When we became close friends and I discovered this, it almost terminated our friendship. She would force me to watch games with her. I would bring along my school work and pretend to focus more on the work than the game. But if you read earlier, you know I love to watch any game, despite who's playing. So yes, I would actually watch the games. And I discovered that I really, really, really liked one of the players on the BYU team. So I slowly transitioned into not cheering for the team, but cheering for him. So since then, I have secretly wanted to see this certain player live in action. Call me crazy. I tried to make it home this year for the USU vs. BYU game but was too late. Hence the reason why I wanted to go this past Saturday. And I'm not going to lie, going to a game at Falcon Stadium would be an awesome experience, one I couldn't pass up.
I decided to show that I wasn't cheering for either side, just this certain player, by making my own shirt, as you will see in a moment. I choose not to say this player's name because I don't want to look like a crazy fan, but if you know BYU football players, you'll know who it is. Also, I decorated the back for Jenna, but for some reason it came up as a video not a picture, so I'll figure out how to load that later. It was a really fun game, with lots of entertainment. Before the game even started, there was about 5-6 parachuters that landed on the field. They also had a fly by that was so loud but so cool! BYU ended up winning 38-24, and my favorite player had a great game, I must say. Mick, I promise I'm not a Cougar fan. I added a little note about the Aggies on my t-shirt.
When Air Force scored, several of the members would run down and do push-ups of what the score was. I was like, "Keep scoring boys, keep scoring!"
My friend Sara and I at the game. I loved the people behind us, they had awesome accents! I'm really good at butting in and listening to conversations I'm not a part of...

I look pregnant here, hilarious! Just wanted you to see my shirt. In the corner it says, "I heart the Aggies though."


Salmon Tolman Fam said...

What a fun time! What a funny post!!! I am excited because we get to go see the Salmon HS Football Team play in the Boise Bronco arena on Friday for the State Championship game. Salmon's never been to the championship game before and we've never been inside and seen the blue turf. We are taking the whole family for a one day trip, so it should make for an interesting day! Although I don't like football in the slightest, I'm a people watcher so I'm always intrigued to sit and watch people in the crowd while Josh gives me briefs about what is really going on in the game!

Brooke said...

Looks like fun! And can I just say your coat is stinking cute! I'm sort of sinning by slightly coveting the thing.

Kim said...

This is the biggest argument in my marriage. Damian is a HUGE BYU fan. And I graduated from the
U of U. So as you can see this Saturday is the most tense day of the year for our family. I am glad you had fun.