Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Art is...

I had a great day Saturday with my friends Hilary and Sara. I have a goal to eat at a unique place in the Denver area at least once a month while I'm here. So I did some research and found a place called Dozens that was right by the Denver Art Museum. So we took a nice casual stroll over to it. And it was a great place! I'm such a spaz at times though. I walked right up to the guy at the front and said, "Do you want my name?" Man I got teased for that big time. After the yummy food (which sells breakfast food all day), we headed over to the museum. There was a lot of interesting art (for example, there was a picture of an artist licking her husbands eye, literally; urinals made out of red lipstick). But I LOVED it. I love art. I like to think that I look for the deeper, more meaningful things in life. I do that with music, with books, with movies, and with art. Somehow I find something in it that applies to me. There were quite a few that I just stared at for a few minutes, thinking of what the artist maybe could have been thinking. There was one that I absolutely adored and was lucky to find a copy of in the museum shop. When I get some money, I want to buy a nice frame for it. I also had the chance to write a poem and do some of my own art in the museum. The creative side of me came out. :)
The Denver Art Museum (DAM) is across from the Denver Library and we decided to go in and take a peak. I of course headed straight for the Children's Library. So many books! I am going to go back and spend a whole Saturday afternoon reading picture books. Then we walked around that area for a bit, the view of the city was cool! I was so close to the tall buildings that I love and to the capital. There was a big chair with a random horse outside the Library that we loved.
We all were thinking, "Food, we want food!" after all that, so we cruised over to the Cherry Creek Mall and found the John Elway restaurant. It had been an adventurous day thus far so we thought, "Why not?" We walked in, took one look at the menu and about died. It was so expensive! But it was a new experience and yummy food!
I was able to cross a few things off my "Things to do in Denver" list and thought of one to add to it. I look forward to a bunch more adventures. Anyone is welcome to come visit me and join me on completing a few more!
Sara and I outside the yummy Dozens restaurant.

You were allowed to take pictures of some art, and this one was one of my favorites. I have a deep love and fascination with clouds. And this artist did an amazing job at portraying them in both frames.

Here is my poem, written on cloud paper. Also, my art. I love when I see trees all alone, so I decided to have that be my art by my poem. :)

This was the poem Hilary wrote for me. Funny story! She kills me...
This is the picture that was my favorite. I love how the girls are here, they look so at peace with themselves and each other, and so comfortable in their surrounding. It's like nothing else mattered at that moment but being with each other. I can't decide if they are sisters or friends but it doesn't matter. It's "Childhood Idyll" by William A. Bougureau and it was done in 1900.

Hil and I on the bridge between the two buildings that make up the Denver Art Museum.

There was so much fun stuff in the museum for us "kids". You could even dress up! I'm wearing the fat suit (this is TOTALLY what I'm going to look like when I get prego, pretty sad). Don't you love how Hil has her hand on my stomache and the awesome hat on her head?

Here's the HUGE chair and horse. I'll take you there if you come see me, hint hint!


Salmon Tolman Fam said...

Glad you're having a great time and crossing things off of your Denver To Do list!

Nicole Tingey said...

HEY!! i loveyou too!! we are going through i think the 20th of december.....thats when i have it reserved but it depends on when he walks for graduation?? im way excited though! we for sure need to do something! call me when you get here cause i want to go to dinner with you and the girls! i miss you!!