Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What A Day!

I had a second interview today with the OB/GYN at the University of Colorado Denver. On my way out to the parking lot, I ran into a boy, probably around the age of 16 who was frantic. The place to pay for parking was jammed with a dollar bill, and he couldn't pay. I went to my car to get some quarters to give him, and saw on my parking stub that I had paid for two hours and had only used one of them, so I just gave him the stub. He told me his mom had just been transferred there from another hospital, and he wanted to see her. He was so grateful for the stub, he almost cried. I couldn't help but think on my drive home about the movie Pay It Forward, and thought about how good it really feels to help someone in need. I love to serve! I felt like what occurred the rest of the day was a Pay It Backwards experience! I decided to get my oil changed, so went to the local Midas. then I felt like my car needed a good washing, so I treated it to the Express Car wash. Can I just say as a side note that it was the COOLEST car wash I've ever been in? I wish I had a video camera with me. I pulled in, a nice boy washed my windshield then instructed me to get on the track and put my car in neutral, and don't touch the steering wheel or brakes. What a cool ride! Anyway, so after I was vacuuming my car, so obviously I turned off my car. Well, when I was done, I tried to start my car and it wouldn't start. I started to panic because I'm extremely poor right now, and knew I couldn't afford a massive surgery to my car. I instantly thought it was due to the oil change I just had. I didn't know what to do, who to call. The usual males I call (My brother Mick, and my dad) were over 500 miles away in Utah. So I called Brady, who gave me Midas's number and told me what to tell them (Thanks Brady!) because my mind was gone. The guy said he was going to send someone to look at it. Well, I'm standing outside my car, waiting, and a nice guy at the car wash asked if I was okay. I explained my situation, and he said he would take a look. He noticed my battery was looking bad, and decided to try to jump my battery. It worked! He then gave me directions to the nearest Honda dealership. He definitely served me today! There is some great people here in Colorado, who definitely overshadow the not so nice people. So I get to the dealership, have my battery tested, which of course failed, and went in the waiting room. I proceeded to call my mom, and as always, I walk around when I talk. It's hard for me to hold still when I talk on the phone! I walked down the hall and passed a room, which just so happened to be occupied by a cute girl from my ward. I knew she worked at a car dealership but didn't know it was that particular one. So I chatted with her for 30 minutes, and she gave me a 15% discount, and invited Jessica and I to her house Sunday to eat breakfast and watch Conference. Another great act of service given to me! After getting home, I was able to talk to two of my really good friends (at different times) and have an uplifting conversation with both of them where I was reminded of the great things in life. Two more acts of service given! what a great day of reflection for me. I was able to give service to someone in need this morning, and was blessed 100 fold. It's true that we receive answers to prayers, and can be an answer to someones prayers through the ways that we serve. That's how God reaches us.
I'm really liking Colorado. It's starting to feel like my home. I'm so grateful for the experiences I am having here and the people I continue to meet and become friends with. I was reminded today to think about what I'm grateful for. Here's a list of a few:

I'm Grateful for:
-my parents who raised me by example to serve
-my brothers and sisters that love me unconditionally. I feel like since I have moved here, I have gained stronger relationships with them, and have come to really appreciate who they are and what they mean to me. I miss you guys!
-As always, my nieces and nephews. I couldn't ask for better ones. I'm grateful to Aspen and Libby for sending me the cutest letter that sent me to tears of gratitude because it came on a day I needed it most.
-True, supportive friends that remind me of what is good about me
-having a temp job that paid my rent.
-A kind word spoken
-my laptop to help me communicate
-fall-the smell of it, the colors of it
-the ability to hope
-ice cream
-my institute teacher (He's AMAZING and has already taught me so much)
-people who are so willing to help a stranger in need
-answered prayers
-my car (Love you Cord!)
-Colorado mountains
-having a mattress to sleep on
-Brady, Kristy, Hudson & Tate, the best neighbors ever.
-the temple
-good books to get lost in
-the Chicago Cubs making the playoffs
-a shared laugh
-the chance I have to be here to learn and grow
-the Savior's example for me on how to love others unconditionally (Thank you Jenna for that reminder. I'm grateful for you :) )
-the ability to change


Jen said...

I so want to come out and play and run the Boulder Boulder with you in May. Think about it!

BreAnne said...

It must be a Perkins thing to walk around while being on the phone! Cody does the same thing and it drives me nuts! I'm glad your doing well! We miss you lots!