Thursday, October 23, 2008

My birthplace

I get to work SO close to the place where I was born almost 27 years ago. The other day I was actually able to go inside it because it's now just used for offices for the University of Colorado Denver Medical campus. It wasn't knocked down for historical reasons. It's the Fitzsimons Army Hospital. Kind of old and creepy, but cool at the same time! It was so good for me to be able to go into the place that I was born, and also where I stayed for 5 days when I was 2 years old, with Severe croupe with strider. The University Campus itself is quite new, it's all built around the hospital, which is in the center of campus.I'm enjoying my job. I like that it brings different challenges, and I really like the people I work with. They are all very friendly and helpful and fun. Not everyone in Colorado is mean! ;) It will take some time to learn everything, but I look forward to the challenge. It's amazing how much I have already learned, medical wise. I have a medical dictionary at my desk, and I can look up any word I'm not sure of when I come across it. I've already learned several! I think it's truly amazing what doctors do, and how much school they have been to. I work in the OB-GYN department, and there are 12 doctors who have specialized in something different, so that means 14 years of school. 8 of them are women, and 7 of them are married with a few children. How do they balance it all?! But it makes me very appreciative that people have a desire to become doctors and give up a lot of their time to help others. I was putting together some binders today, and I noticed how many patients commented on these particular doctors that I work for, how good they are. So far, they have been very kind to me!
So I moved to Colorado for an adventure, and I definitely had an adventurous event happen the other night. I can't post it on my blog for a few reasons, but if you are curious, give me a call and I'll fill you in! Definitely something I never thought I would experience!

The former Fitzsimons Army Hospital

John Kerry was also born in the Fitzsimons Army Hospital, just a cool fact I thought I would share with you. I got to see him in person in February when I was in DC and we went to the Capitol building. We got to see where all the Senators meet, and he was there, along with Ted Kennedy. I thought that was pretty awesome!

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Jen said...

Tawna, So glad you are enjoying your job, and that it is working out for you. THat is one crazy story. I'm glad you were safe.