Thursday, July 7, 2011

Truth Is Beautiful

I am currently taking the class Teaching Effective Writing Instruction. And I'll be completely honest, I have been scared for a few months to take this particular grad class because I feel like I struggle as a writer, and teaching writing is my weakest area in teaching. But in the short amount of time I have been in the class, I'm really starting to open up to writing and to the possibility that I can actually be a good writer. All writing is, is telling a story...MY story. There's so much that happens around me, and how I react to it, that I can write about!

I decided that once a week (or more, depending on how I feel), I will open up and just write on my blog. Because I can't be a better writer and a better teacher of writing if I don't write often and push myself to do it!

Today I laid below the big beautiful tree in my backyard while listening to the song Dream by Priscilla Ahn. I got lost in the lyrics, and thoughts about my life. I wish that I had taken more time to do that-to just be alone in my thoughts, lost in beautiful music, while lying under that tree that I'm going to miss so much. There is power in being alone in meditation. It brings you to the core of you. And there is power in music. I love the way that music expresses what is in my heart when my words lack. I love how the melodies of songs are like my heart being poured out. What a gift it is to have music as a way of expression!

Here's to allowing more time for myself to meditate, hopefully I can incorporate it daily! Enjoy the song. Get lost in the lyrics. It's powerful!


Jen said...

Found this jewel of a song on Kala's blog. Love it. Sounds like you had a magical afternoon.

E said...

Glad to hear that you will be posting every week! I'll look forward to that. :) I also love the way you connect to music like I do. Keeps life magical, I think.

Shandi said...

that is such a beautiful song! I love it! and I love the way you express yourself! you are beautiful!