Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Amazing Mom

I'm a horrible daughter and doing this shout out 2 days late....better late than never, mom! Her birthday was on Monday. She's the ripe young age of 64 but to me, she's always been 30 (which I'll be turning in a year..go figure!) I love my mom for several reasons, more than I can list here, but here are a few of my favorite reasons why my mom is amazing:

  • She is the kindest person I know. She treats everyone with love and respect. She taught me the importance of that from a young age.
  • She is a strong woman of faith and has the strongest testimony of prayer. Some of my most vivid memories are sitting on my mom's bed as she kneeled in prayer. Sometimes for over an hour. She knows and loves God and knows that prayer can change people.
  • She is so selfless (sometimes to a fault :) ). She works at the same school I do, and is always so willing to make copies, to laminate and cut games, to go the extra mile for me when I'm overwhelmed and struggling to get it all done.
  • She loves her job and loves the students in her class and it shows. My students that were in her all day kindergarten class where she works as an aide, love her, and want to hug her every time she comes to see me.
  • She is so talented in decorating cakes. I LOVED choosing what I wanted every year on my birthday cake and having her decorate it even better than I could imagine. I need to post all my birthday cakes sometime, you will be in awe!
  • She will always take time out to teach me to sew (I have absolutely no patience for sewing!); to cook, and to fix things. She's wonder mom!
  • She loves me, she supports me, and she wants the best for me. What more can I ask for from my mom?
Mom, I love you. Thank you for everything you do for me. I know sometimes it may seem to go unnoticed or unappreciated. But I am aware of what you do for me, and in the quiet parts of me, I realize how wonderful you are, and how grateful I am to call you mom. Take some time for yourself, and do something totally new soon. Happy Birthday!!


Dan, Nat and Jae said...

Your mom is Wonder Mom! I remember being at your house all the time. She was always doing something crafty or something to help somebody. This is a very special post.

amanda lynn said...

Dude I remember the cakes they were awesome was always jealous cause my mom never did that. I got to always taste the cakes though and they were yums!