Tuesday, September 2, 2008

ChaCha is Coolacha!

I am still without a job, but I have another interview this Thursday with a medical office. I haven't heard back from the dentist office so I finally called today and left a message. We'll see...I'm starting to worry about money! I finally was able to get through ChaCha where I work as an expeditor. If you haven't tried ChaCha yet, you need to! It's so fun! All you do is text a question to ChaCha (242242) and you will receive a response from an actual person! You can ask them anything! If you don't want to text you can call. It's 1-800-2-ChaCha. My job is to word the question so it makes sense and then give it a category name before it's sent to a guide. Guides choose categories of interest, so when questions come in that match their categories, that question is sent to them. I'm in the process of training to be a guide. You don't make much, but it can be my fun money. And it's nice that I can sign in whenver I want, I can work from home, and I can do it while watching TV or checking my e-mail.
I went on a blind date Friday with a boy from my ward. Jessica, my roommate, was asked out by another boy in the ward, and a guy in the group needed a date. She volunteered me against my wishes, but it actually turned out to be a lot of fun. We hiked Castle Rock at night, which was a bit scary, but super cool. Loved the view. We ate at the top, then went to one of their houses and played games. Then we ended up going to IHOP at 1 in the morning and eating some more. I love food! I haven't laughed so hard, so much in a long time. We ended up watching a football game with them Sunday night as well, Colorado State University vs. Colorado University. It's been fun slowly starting to get to know new people. I really am enjoying it here. There's a lot to do and a lot of people to meet! I promise next time, I will post some pictures, hopefully of something fun or different that I've done!


Salmon Tolman Fam said...

We still pray for you to find the right job! Hopefully it comes along soon! I can always send more P.B. if you get to be starving!!! I'm glad you're dating and beginning to enjoy the social life again! Here's to much more of that!!!

Nicole Tingey said...

i wish i was out there!! maybe merrill and i will save money and have a road trip!? im mad we didnt do anything before you left! when are you coming home to visit!?