Monday, June 16, 2008

Good News!

So I have a few things that I have felt happy about the past few days that I wanted to share, because shouldn't happiness be shared? :)
  • First off, I found the missing piece to my puzzle party extravaganza from Friday! Woo-hoo! It was on the floor by where I did the puzzle, hiding underneath a book. So no more missing piece. And for those of you that couldn't find the missing piece (Monica, this is for you) it is by the rabbit.
  • For some reason, I was in an 80's music mood today, so I went to itunes to find some goodies to put on my ipod. I found some great ones! But I forgot all about Fleetwood Mac's "Everywhere"..ummm...LOVE that song! Not sure exactly why, I remember hearing it when I was little and loving to dance to it! That and "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" are my all time favorite 80's songs. They make me happy everytime I hear them!
  • My purchases of One Tree Hill Seasons 3 and 4 came in the mail! I don't know what it is about that show that I love so much..I think I feel connected to different characters at different times. And it's cool because in almost every show there is a quote given that has really helped me to reflect on my life. I should write them down and share them with you sometime. Words are so powerful!
  • I went back to the doctor again today. He said I'm healing slowly but the way I should be. That's great news for me because I really don't want to go through this surgery again. It's been seriously so hard for me to not be able to go out and do what I would like. I told my friend this other day, you don't realize how much you take good health for advantage until it's actually taken away. I hope to be up and about more in the coming weeks. I am happy to go to Logan tomorrow and eat lunch with my friends from work. I have missed my babies so much!
  • Last week, my parents and little sister, Katrina, went to see Indiana Jones. And of course I couldn't go because of my "wonderful" surgery, so I was home alone feeling sorry for myself and craving a brownie earthquake from Dairy Queen. Well, yesterday, my mom made me the yummiest brownies ever. That made my day!
  • As hard as it has been to move back home, it's been good for me. I've reflected a lot on my experiences growing up in Tremonton, and even more specifically the neighborhood that I grew up in. I feel really blessed when I think about that. I could go into more detail about that, but I won't bore you.
This will probably sound cheesy, but if you know me, I kind of am a cheeseball, and love cheesy things. I've been thinking a lot about life in general. And yes, life is hard, but if you take time everyday to really think about what life is, and what you are blessed with, you will come to realize how wonderful it is to be here, and to experience all we get to experience. I love every moment!


Rieck Blog said...

Hey's been so long. Glad to see you are doing well. Your hair is darling by the way. Oh, and my cousin had you for a teacher a couple years ago, and absolutely loved you! He is super shy, so you were a great teacher for you! I imagine you are a fun teacher!! Well, glad to hear from you!

Salmon Tolman Fam said...

Glad you found your missing piece!! Hooray! Do you remember when I wanted you to come visit last October when I performed in the Salmon Idol Contest? Did I ever tell you what song I sang? I sang "Heaven is a Place on Earth"! I was originally gonna sing "Total Eclipse of the Heart", but then I changed my mind. I remembered how much you loved that song when we were young! You used to play it ALL the time-over and over again!

Brooke said...

I'm glad you are at least starting to feel better. Thanks for the post I needed a little positive pick me up today.

Cam, April, Carson, & Hannah said...

Saw your blog off of BRHS blog and thought I would check in.

I am glad you are recovering from your surgery and thanks for sharing the happiness...there is always something to be grateful and happy about.

Also, do you keep in contact with Meggan? I would like to say Hi to her if you have any info.

Good to 'see' you!