Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The people who inspire me most

The boys and I. They sure knew how to have fun!! These boys taught me a lot, one in particular. About not worrying about the small things in life, and just being happy, and letting others in, even when it's hard. I'm amazed at what some of my students were faced with in their life, and how they dealt with those hard challenges. It made my problems seem so small in comparison. Teaching is a job that will definitely change your life for the better. It doesn't come easy, but it's so worth it. Each child that has ever entered my classroom, has made me a better person. And isn't that what life is about? Becoming better, learning from those around you? I love that we aren't here alone, even though at times it feels that way.
Here's a picture of me with my girls! Aren't they so cute? Don't let them fool you though, sometimes they could be the biggest drama queens I have ever dealt with. But I sure did love them. My students were my saving grace this year.
Here is the pictures I wanted to include last time. This is on the last day of school with all my students, doing a silly face. Something I started in my first year of teaching, every silly picture, I always pretend to eat my student's arm that is standing by me. A little weird, huh?! The last day of school was a very difficult one for me. I was distant all day with my students, and even saying goodbye I held in my emotions (it was tough!), but after school, I cried and cried. It hit me so hard that I wouldn't be doing what I loved for a year. But I know it will make me appreciate teaching so much more, and be so ready to come back to it.


Jen said...

oh, we know all about drama queens. Cute Pics.

Salmon Tolman Fam said...

I love the silly photo the best! What cracks me up is that you look like a student yourself, only a half inch taller than the rest!!! LOL I'm glad you enjoy(ed) your job! It really makes the work worth it!

Tiffany Kidman said...

Oh Tawna your so awesome!!! I can't believe your taking some time off from teaching. When I found out you were teaching at Mckinley I was hoping my nephew would get you as a teacher. How are you doing anyways? I miss you!!!

Evelyn said...

Tawna!! Yes, I found you through stalking (Oh, I'm Evelyn Petersen by the way). I just have to say I loved finding your blog. I'm so amazed at your strength and your attitude. I can't wait to see what happens in Colorado.

Jacque said...

I am certain you are the BEST teacher there! I am so happy to find you! I didn't know Amanda was pregnant!! I have ben out of the loop a while! I love blogging!
Let me know your email and I can send you an invite to my blog!
jacque (evans) rupp

Jackie said...

Tawna, I was so excited to see that you have a blog! It's been way too long since we've chatted, and I like blogs a lot better than facebook. Wow, it's sounds like your life is being flipped upside down right now. Good luck, I hope everything works out great. I loved your post about seeing your sister's grave. That is so neat that you were able to go and see it. And that's fun that you got to see Amanda. My blog is set to private, but if you send me your email address I'll add you. My email is jackieleishman at yahoo dot com. Good luck with your move!
Jackie (Pierce) Leishman

justin & michelle said...

Horray for Tawna. I just found your blog! So-o good to "see" you :).

Michelle (Archibald)