Monday, May 26, 2008

Back from Texas!

So I spent the past few days in Texas, a state I had never visited before. I went to visit my friend Amanda Hardman (now Lynn), a friend that I have known since the first grade, who now lives in Austin. We lived two houses away from each other all growing up. Our lives have taken different paths, but we have remained good friends. It was so good to see her and catch up on life. It was so weird to see her pregnant! Anyway, so Texas was fun, but very humid and hot. I ate some yummy Mexican food, saw some awesome caves by San Antonio, saw a minor league baseball game, and even watched the new Indian Jones movie! But the most treasured day was Sunday. I went to church with Dave and Amanda, and do you know what I loved? The fact that no matter where you go, the church is the same. I love that it doesn't change, that the people make you feel welcome, and the spirit that is felt! After, I made them dinner (my spaghetti and chocolate eclair..yummage to my tummage!) And then they drove me to Killeen, Texas, a little over an hour away from Austin. My sister Michelle is buried there. See, I have had a desire to see her grave since the day I found out I had an older sister that I didn't know. She only lived 25 days. She would be 32. I've always kind of felt her presence in my life, in a personal sort of way. So seeing her grave was something I wanted to do. We found her gravesite pretty quick, and I laid some daisies (my favorite) by her grave. It was very peaceful, and I am so grateful I got to be there. It was something I will not forget. This is just a quick summary because I'm super tired, but I'm so glad I took this little vacation for myself. In a way, it really helped me feel ready for this next big adventure in my life, and it made me excited to move and do something different with my life. I'm excited to meet new people that will become my friends, I'm excited to go alone, I'm excited for the new adventures that await me!

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Salmon Tolman Fam said...

What a perfect way to celebrate Memorial Day!!! I'm glad you had a great trip!